Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let Go and Let God! Mista Jaycee returns!

Hey Soulstarrs,

I'm finally getting up off my ass and getting back on my mission. When I started this blog it was built on the premise of a Regular Dude, A Black Dude, A Fat dude does yoga.  I practice yoga.  I am all the above.  Black, Fat and Regular.  I meditate. I pray.  I do not turn on Sitar music, I have a copy of the Gita but I'm more likely to get my spiritual wisdom from the Holy Bible or the Noble Quran than the Gita.

I eat meat although I am eating less and less.  I am no stranger to a piece or pound of bacon but I digress and you get the point. This blogs mission statement is the same.

I've recently began meditating and practicing asanas daily. It has been a while. I feel good. I've been through some personal adversities. The recent passing of my Mother has triggered a gut check. I've had to test some things. I've had to let some things and some people go.

That's the lesson.  Let go! Let God! Psalms 46:13

BE Still. Know God! That's another interpretation of this word. Letting go is hard because you have to admit that someone or something is no longer good for you.  You've changed and they or it no longer serves to your benefit.  It is now a danger to you.

Take what is good and let go what no longer serves you.  That is the lesson. Go in Peace!

OM Shanti Baby!