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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pin the Tail on the Funky! What's defeating you and your Practice?

To Capture a Booty You Must Attack from the Back! 

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!

Hey Soul-Starrs!

I know you are wondering what does Montana Deleon and Dr. Funkenstein have to do with Yoga?  Everything! The genius of Funkadelic was they used the Old Black Preaching Style of wrapping up vital lessons in codes. The Star Chile character was what Black People once were and his mission was to educate and restore us to that legacy. "We have come to RECLAIM the pyramids!" His Arch Nemesis was SirNoseDevoidofFunk. He was a corporate, bland, faceless shuck and jive, soulless Brotha determined never to dance and implement his philosophy across the Funky Universe.

The Albums told a story.  By the time "Gloryhellastupid" came out, Sir Nose had won! He turned Star Chile into a Mule by pinning the tail on the Funky.  How did he do it?  He attacked from the back! Over the course of each album, Sir Nose wore the Star Child and the rest of the Funk Mob down little by little.  He used distraction.  For every victory the Funk Mob achieved, he slowly eroded the Funk Mob's supporters, with cheap highs, quick fixes and thrills.  Most of all the Funk Mob became to big to move quickly and adapt to the forces they batled against.  Sir Nose, understanding this simply performed a Rear manueveur and pinned the tail on the Funky! Making Starchile look foolish, he took away his power and was able to conquer the Funky Universe.

What Mista Jaycee?  In plain terms, he let Star Child tire himself out. The Funk Mob had been so busy fighting against distractions that they didn't realize that they themselves were distracted and fooled.

Sir Nose Pinned the Tail on the Funky To turn Star Chile into a Mule

So what's tripping you up? What's keeping you from progressing on the Eight Fold Path? What's hindering your growth or stunting your practice?  Have you stopped practicing completely? Is that Yoga mat gathering dust?  Do you practice your asanas everyday? Why not? 

If your mat is in the corner dusty then you probally feel you're Too busy at work or just too tired? Maybe you're getting impatient or even lazy. Hey, it happens and that's part of the journey too.
Maybe your Yoga buddies aren't going to class anymore and it feels lonely in class by yourself?  See, Sir Nose is wearing you down.  Ask yourself, Where are you practicing? Who's around you when you pull out your mat?  Does everyone in your household understand your practice or do they just make fun or criticize it? It's up to you to find a place to practice and not listen to the negative talk.  They don't know the benefits that come from a fruitful yoga practice but YOU DO so why are you allowing the "Ignant"  to determine what happenes to you?

One of my yoga instructors George Dudley advised us that when we are meditating, for instance, and we are concentrating on our mantras, all manner of random negative thoughts will pop in your head. It is YOUR CHOICE weather or not you grab ahold of them and take them into your spirit. 

You are in control of your practice and you are in control of what you take into your spirit as well.  And with that you can avoid being defeated by negative talk and other people's agendas. Dig? 

Om Shanti Baby!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do Guys Go to Yoga to Pick Up Women????

Photo Courtesy of Just Jercie

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!

Hey Soulstarrs!

I was reading a yoga post on FB or Twitter the other day and a question was posed that I thought was just great!

Guys, Do you go to Yoga classes to pick up Women? 

"My answer Hellllllllllllllllll Yeah! "

Why Mista Jaycee? Why????

I know that the true mission of a Yogi or a Yogini is internal transformation. You know, the Yamas, Niyamas, all that SPIRITUAL blah blah blah!

Hell, the only reason I ever went into a gym was because I wanted to look good to Good Looking Women. Now, by the time I got to yoga I was married but hell if I was still single I'd be right there trying to pick up Women.  Why cause they Hot!


Come on Ladies! BE a Dude for a minute.

1. Hot Healthy Looking Women!

2. Hot Healthy Looking Women in Cute Outfits!

3. Hot Healthy Looking Women doing Sexy, Purdy, Awesome stretches!

4. Hot Healthy Looking Women Doing Sexy, Purdy, Awesome Stretches in Tight, Skimpy, Cute, Bright colored Outfits!

Now, If you was a Dude what would you do? How would you feel? You'd be at Yoga too! Tell the truth, and Y'all know this Mannnne! Hell, I was at a yoga class with my Wife and Yoga buds and one of my Female Yoga buds happened to notice two Young Yoginis doing partner yoga. They were in PLOUGH poses and she stated "OK, NO HOMO but that's Hawt!" (Laughter) And she is sooooo unabashedly HETERO it's ridiculous!

Had to say that before all the Yoginis reading this post get on they high horse.  Come on Danskin, Alo and all those companies don't make yoga wear just for it's practicality! They make it cause Yogini's like to look CUTE! Sure, inner peace is wonderful.  Balanced Chakras great but BEING Cute while having all that! Kewl!

Here's the point.  Most Guys and Women will probably join Yoga class for a superficial reasons but that's cool cause Yoga has more than enough to offer that will keep them there.  Ask the Body Builder who after an hour of Vinyasa still feels Yoga doesn't provide enough of a workout?  Ask the Mother of Three who after a few weeks goes into breathing and meditation and feels alive.  Ask the person recuperating from illness or just trying to get in shape, what they think after they tried it?

Go on I dare you! I Double Downward Dog Dare you!

Om Shanti Baby!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!
I wanna be graceful.  I live by a Buddhist temple and I used to watch the Tai Chi Master in the morning doing Yang Style Tai Chi. It was beautiful.  Now, I watch Yogi's and Yoginis go through the asanas of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha or Kriya Yogas and I'm like Wooooooow!

I practice yoga but I am not Graceful! That's ok.  I move with all the grace of a pregnant yak but still I move!

Exercise is essential to good health. Nutrition is essential to good health! Fresh air, mediation all these things are the building blocks to a healthy life!

I'm a Black Dude and I understand this because I and alot people in my Family have high blood pressure, and or diabetes and I know that they can be managed by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Om Shanti Baby!

Friday, March 18, 2011

  Om Shanti Shanti Shalom Nate! I live in Long Beach, CA and have grown to love the city. It will never take the place of my beloved Compton, CA but I've lived in the LB for 20 some odd years and lived in Compton for 17. This week LB Stalwart East Sida Nathaniel "Nate Dog" Hale died from congestive heart failure and complications from two strokes.  He was 41.

41, Forty One, Forty Plus One Year. Four decades plus one solar cycle.  Anyway you break it down, forty one years old is too young to die.  Rest in Peace Nate. God (IAM) Bless your Family and all those who's lives you touched.

I, like Nate Dog am 41.  I have high blood pressure and take medication for it. When I was 21, a Doctor told me that every time that he took my blood pressure, it was high.  It could be hereditary, he said but it thought it might be my kidneys because 21 was too young to have high blood pressure. I had my kidneys checked and they worked fine.

I wasn't fat, I didn't smoke, drink or eat pork.  I didn't have a regular exercise program that included cardio and some weights so I was overweight.  I wasn't fat but I was overweight! My diet consisted of french fries, pastrami burgers and soda. Lots and lots of Soda! I grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian and I knew better. I was taught to eat lots of grains, vegetables and fruit and not to eat meat. And if I did eat meat do not eat pork or scavenger fish and certainly not fried. I ate tons of Fried foods. I would have starved if it wasn't for cheap, fried foods loaded with cheese.  Yeah Baby but I digress. (Laughter)

I didn't drink water unless you count the ice that was in the SODA or after it melted.  So, here I was on high blood pressure medication and sick as a dog from it.  I felt better when I didn't take the medicine so I didn't.
My Doctor warned me that I could have a stroke, kidney failure or a heart attack.  I could also go impotent.

I've changed my diet and now work out regularly including a regular yoga practice.  I take my medication and feel real good.  I am now giving up the fatty, fried, foods that have loved me and comforted me in times of trouble. I drink alot of water now.

Hey Black Man! It's time to take a serious look at our health and well being. Black Men are less likely than European American Men (White Men) to live to old age and if we do then not healthly. Why? 

1. Lifestyle: Poor Diet, Drinking, Smoking, sleeping habits
2. Lack of regular Medical Check ups
3. Lack of proper Exercise
4. High Stress and Anger and lack of Stress Management
5. Violence: Murder at the hands of another

Yoga points out of a path to balance.  I know the sheer pleasure of a triple bacon burger with pastrami. I also know what it's like to be winded and hear your heartbeat after walking a half a block.  I know physical, chronic pain like it's a limb. I know it! So do some of you reading this.

We can live pain free. Regular exercise can do that. A proper diet with an emphasis on good nutrition can help with that. Fruits, fresh vegetables! Meatless Mondays to start. Then, Lean meats, grilled, baked or broiled.
We can learn to manage anger and conflict and that will reduce violence and help lower blood pressure. 

Let Go! That's what Yoga, the Gita, The Bible and The Quran teach. Let Gooo! We can learn  to move on and put things in proper perspective. 

Om Shanti Baby!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yoga is for Girly Men! Really?

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!

Hey Soul-Starrs!

I've lifted weights and used to be an active martial art student. As a kid, I played baseball, softball, street football, and my favorite sport basketball. These were mascasline sports! Men's games! Over the last decade though I have studied Yang style Tai Chi, and Kriya Babaji Najaraj, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I love them. They are inclusive. Anyone can do them and with the physical limitations that I have, these are good for me.

Both I have found are tough! They are tough physically and anyone who begins a regular practice needs to become Mentally tough to handle the physical rigours of the arts.  Yoga and Tai Chi are NOT competitive sports.

I would like to see alot more Afrikan American Men taking up both as a practice and including the lifestyle changes into their lives.  Mediation, Pranayama (Breathing) Asanas, (The Exercises) and Diet.  Put that pork chop sammich down Mista!

Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul Jabaar, the NBA All Time Leading scorer and Six Time NBA Champion is also a practicing Yogi. Now, Cap (That's Kareem for all y'all BB fans born in the 90's) is also a real Martial Artist having practiced Jeet Kun do with Bruce Lee. Again, not a girly Man.

Lakers small forward Ron Artest does yoga. Not a girly man! All these dudes practice yoga and speak on the benefits it provides. So it frustrating to see only four or five dudes in a class when there are about 50 Women. Some hawt effin Women, in sweats, or danskins Damn! I'm married so I dare not do anything more than appreciate the fairer sex. (Laughter)

Listen fellas. Forget about the Viagra and Cialis. Let's change our DEATHstyles to LIFESTYLES. Daily exercise (20 minutes to 1 hour) with cardio, weights and YOGA. Try a class. Good nutrition. Five fruits and vegetables a day with a lil lean meat.  And lots of water. Lots of water!

Om Shanti Baby!

BE Prayererful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Resist the Labels!

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!

Hey Soulstarrs!

Our American Society likes labels. We all do. Labels help us to feel safe.  Labels help us to identify groups, movements and people.  Labels also help us narrow down our prejudices.

 "She's a Scientologist, so I ain't effin with her!"  

"He's a Vegan, so he must be into yoga and crystals, all those sandal wearing patchouli mofo's right?"

"Her hair is locked so she must be a liberal?"

See what I mean? 

How can you do yoga and be a Christian?  Isn't yoga and Eastern Philosophy at odds with Christianity?

Now ask yourself, Isn't Christianity an Afrikan Originated Religion? The Bible says so.  Doesn't the Bible's narratives and most of it's characters reside in Afrika or in the so called Middle East?  The answer to both questions is yes. Christians come in all colors and in almost every country.  Are we all the same? Of course, not! Christians and the Christian Church is diverse and while we agree on certain things we disagree passionately on others.

Yoga means Unity between your mind, body, spirit with the Divine Source. (Your God) It is part of the Eight fold path.  What Yoga does not attempt to do is define your version of the Divine.  Sure, the Hindu scholars have the Brahman Scriptures (The Vedas) The Gita, The Upanishads and all those help in understanding the orgins of the asanas (poses) But Yoga and the people who practice it are diverse.  There's Kemetic Yoga, There's Sufi Grinds that have been added to the asanas.  It's all on the practitioner. 

I practice the Kriya Babaji Najaraj style Yoga as practiced by the 18 Tamil Siddhas and Guru Yogiar SAA Ramiah.  The Tamils gave the Aryans a Written language (Sanskit) to go with the Aryan spoken language. Yoga and Yogic Philosophy did not begin in India, or with the Aryans but with the Tamils and others before it.  I have added Vinyasa Flow cause I like the Cardio. 

BE Fluid! BE Flexible! Openly resist the Labels!

Om Shanti Baby!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fitness Pioneer Jack Lalanne Passes!

I grew up watching re-runs of Jack Lalanne's television shows on Channel 9 in Los Angeles, CA.  I've watched him my whole adult life to and you know what? I am so thankful, because he provided a great example of what you could look like your whole life if you exercised, ate right and lived right.  96 Years Old and still looking good!

Jack, you were a classy inspiration.  Thanks!
Om Shanti Baby!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Friday, January 7, 2011



Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum! 

Hey Soul-Starrs! Welcome back to Mista Jaycee's Stretchin Ouuuuut! (Like a Rubber Band) And like always stick around cause something might pop!

Happy New Year! 2011 is gonna BE a great year! And the mission of this blog is the same as it was last year.  This is yoga brought you by a regular whiskey drinking, Funkadelic listening, patchouli hating Black Dude that's no stranger to a piece of bacon but sees the benefits of Yoga, The Eight-Fold Path, The Yoga Sutras and the Bible.

So welcome back home for the first time! Remember to Breathe! Go ahead! Breathe! See, Feel better? Yoga already!

Om Shanti Baby!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!