Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yoga is for Girly Men! Really?

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!

Hey Soul-Starrs!

I've lifted weights and used to be an active martial art student. As a kid, I played baseball, softball, street football, and my favorite sport basketball. These were mascasline sports! Men's games! Over the last decade though I have studied Yang style Tai Chi, and Kriya Babaji Najaraj, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I love them. They are inclusive. Anyone can do them and with the physical limitations that I have, these are good for me.

Both I have found are tough! They are tough physically and anyone who begins a regular practice needs to become Mentally tough to handle the physical rigours of the arts.  Yoga and Tai Chi are NOT competitive sports.

I would like to see alot more Afrikan American Men taking up both as a practice and including the lifestyle changes into their lives.  Mediation, Pranayama (Breathing) Asanas, (The Exercises) and Diet.  Put that pork chop sammich down Mista!

Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul Jabaar, the NBA All Time Leading scorer and Six Time NBA Champion is also a practicing Yogi. Now, Cap (That's Kareem for all y'all BB fans born in the 90's) is also a real Martial Artist having practiced Jeet Kun do with Bruce Lee. Again, not a girly Man.

Lakers small forward Ron Artest does yoga. Not a girly man! All these dudes practice yoga and speak on the benefits it provides. So it frustrating to see only four or five dudes in a class when there are about 50 Women. Some hawt effin Women, in sweats, or danskins Damn! I'm married so I dare not do anything more than appreciate the fairer sex. (Laughter)

Listen fellas. Forget about the Viagra and Cialis. Let's change our DEATHstyles to LIFESTYLES. Daily exercise (20 minutes to 1 hour) with cardio, weights and YOGA. Try a class. Good nutrition. Five fruits and vegetables a day with a lil lean meat.  And lots of water. Lots of water!

Om Shanti Baby!

BE Prayererful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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