Monday, December 13, 2010

Transformation: Ghetto of the Mind

Photo By Mista Jaycee

If someone gave you this house, mortgage free, tax free, under the condition that they could return any time, any day unannounced after one year and see what you've done with the place would you take the deal?

 What if you could have a body like the one below? Wait! What if you could have this body? Free and clear? Your mind, spirit and essence deposited in this frame? All strengths, no diseases or disorders, yours with the only condition being that the previous owner could stop by and visit you any day, any time after one year unannounced to see how you are doing? Same deal as the house. Would you take the deal?

I'd wager that alot of you Soul-Starrs would take both deals.  Alot would, and alot would not but I guarantee you all would consider at least one of the deals if not both.  Now, metaphysical queries aside, what would the house look like in a year? Would it be painted, the lawn mowed? Would the house have new plants surrounding it?  Would folks be begging to rent a room inside your home?  Gaining the home does not mean that you were prepared to accept and handle the gift does it?  I know of a building where the folks that live on the second floor stand on the balcony and flip lit cigarette buds on the first floor common area below. They flick their ashes onto the landing.  Don't they know that other people walk along this walkway? Don't they know that this makes the building appear to be trashy?  Of course they do!

Photo courtesy of the Web

On top of that they fight constantly, sometimes until 4 in the morning? Their little space looks like they act. It looks trashy and unkempt! How do you think the house would look with them in it?  It would be trashed and in foreclosure within the year.  Why? Because as a Person thinketh so is he!

Now, what about the body?  Remember, it's still your essence in the body.  It's still your mind, your soul. Would the body still look like the one in the picture? If the Soul has suffered from low self esteem, hurt, and anger. If the soul used food in order to cope the body would not be the same body anymore.  I'm sure that the Soul that possessed the House or the Body would envision how much better the life would be.  At first they'd live it up enjoying the view, enjoying the attention that the body attracted but eventually how the Soul handled a relationship would affect the body.  A Mean Bytch with a Goddess Body is still a Mean Bytch. Sure, Guys would sex her but they'd get away from her as soon as the novelty wore off.  The Soul would have to exercise, and  feed the body proper food in order to keep the body in the same or in better condition.  A damaged Soul can not.  Rot eventually would win out.

But with a new body I would not be ME anymore Mista Jaycee, I would be HER! 

No, it's your ESSENCE in the BODY so it would STILL be YOU! You may enjoy how strong the body is and even learn to use the strength but if you did not know how to maintain the strength, how to work out the body then it would turn to fat.  It's still YOU remember?

The House has to be cleaned, the light bill must be paid, the gardens must be trimmed!  If something breaks it has to be repaired. It would not be and the house would be a shit hole one year after you received it.

What's the point Jaycee?

The point....Our Character! Our Soul will largely determine what happens in our lives. So if you have Raggeddity habits then you gon have a Raggeddity life.

Yoga is a tool to help us see that and overcome it!

So, what are you at your core? Think on it.
Om Shanti Baby!

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