Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mista Jaycee has gone Meatless!

Hey Y'all,
Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!

I have not gone vegetarian....yet! But I've going meatless for a while.

Why? Is it your LDL? Did you join PETA?
No, and NO! Although, I dig the Lettuce Ladies! No, I am concerned for my future health but I also want to look and feel great in my present life! I want to feel good and I want to feel good about the way I look too! ''

It's that kinda vain Mista Jaycee?

Yeah, but so what! Vain to want to look good! Yeah! Vain to want to feel good! NO, Never! We were created perfect but we are not now perfect nor are we perfected! So, we must strive towards perfection all the while we being perfected!

I'm doing my part! I'm feeling good so far, although I do want a piece of steak!

Om Shanti Shanti Aum!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


ChocolateOrchid said...

Say what now!! You do the doggone thang, Mista Jaycee!

I'm so happy for you.

Reggie said...

You've got me doing it brother!!!

After reading your blog I decided to go meatless for the month of June. I'm still mad at you behind that blog man!!! Day 8 and it's seriously kicking my ass. I'm craving chicken wings and steak like I did feminine forms when I was 15......this is bad.......I've got it bad!!

But make no mistake about it, I will NOT eat meat in the month of June. Now come July, I'm gonna eat a goddamned cow....but not this month!!