Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mista Jaycee goes in search of Mac Yoga!

Photo by "Junior"

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum!

The left side of my back hurt like a Sonavabytch! I couldn't move my neck from side to side.

A old, fat dude, like yourself can't do all them yoga exercises Mista Jaycee!

Who you calling old?

It wasn't the Yoga that hurt me. It was the Yoga that helped me!

Splain Mista Jaycee!

Dig, I went to yoga, after a couple of days, of serious pain. Vicodin did not help! Heating pads only went so far. I went to yoga, looking for some kinda stretch, that was get me out of pain. Some mantra of meditation that I could learn in five minutes that would eliminate my suffering. So, I bent down into Kriyavasana, and couldn't lift my arms, above my head! I couldn't move my neck and rest on the crown of my head. I tried! Oh God! Pain! I had to stop!

I ended up sitting, and watching the class and doing a few exercises.

I went looking for MacYoga! That ish don't exist! If MacYoga does exists, I say flee from it! It will make you happy in the meantime, but leave you fat, unhealthy and ultimately hungry!

I started to move my neck from side to side. Slowly, painfully, but move it I did. Brahmacarya! (Moderation)

I noticed after a couple of days my neck was looser, more flexible, less painful, than when I began exercising it.

Soon, I was able to move it without pain fully. But I had to go slow. I had to allow my body to respond to the yoga. I had to give God (IAM) the time to heal me. See, God (IAM) healed me but he used the Yoga, and my faith in him to accomplish it!

The point is. There ain't no quick fixes to long term ish! Breathe!

That's right! Om Shanti Shanti Aum! (Supreme aspect of God (IAM) Peace Peace Earthly Reflection of God (IAM))


You work out things like pain, inflexibility, anger, money problems whatever! Slowly, with a real plan and you make adjustments whenever they are needed. Then, you will be successful!

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


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